January 13th, 2014

P&G Picks Up Where it Left Off


Ace Metrix

Proctor & Gamble, proud sponsor of moms, introduced their first Olympic themed ad this past week – first online and then on television during the Golden Globes Sunday evening.

P&G’s “Thank You, Mom” campaign earned the brand a gold medal in our book in 2012 with the highest average Ace Score (596) among the Olympic sponsors. The advertiser was also the most prolific of the sponsors airing 21 corporate ads and another 47 for its brands Cover Girl, Febreze, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Tide, Gillette, Secret, Old Spice, Pampers and Duracell. “Thank You Mom” contributed 3 of the top 10 most effective ads of the Games.

The new ad “Pick Them Back Up” features several winter athletes as young children experiencing some of their earliest falls – just a few of presumably thousands. The story continues and culminates with them succeeding, despite all their spills, in their recent Olympic events.

The ad certainly passes the goosebump test. Attention and Likeability scores soar well into the 700s, and Change is 15% above norm – a great accomplishment for a branding ad.

Leading up to the Summer Olympics in 2012, P&G kicked off their campaign with a similar ad. “Best Job” – also a two-minute ad depicting a series of athletes in the making and from around the world – earned an Ace Score of 635 and unsurprisingly performed best with women. The ad and campaign were an instant viral sensation – much like the new ad, which has already earned 8.2 million views on YouTube in just a week.

The latest evolution of the campaign still has a stronger impact among women but also performs quite well with men.

The ad elicited 382 optional verbatim responses with 14% using the term “very”, indicating a bevy of enthusiastic comments. While 11% overall felt the ad was “long”, the overwhelming sentiment was positive albeit emotional. The “very” word cloud below shows what these consumers included in their responses – the majority finding the ad “emotional”, “touching”, “heartwarming” and “moving”.

P&G was mentioned in 4% of responses – a fair bit considering the length and creative approach.

We’re anxious to see what other spots P&G has in store for us as the Games draw nearer. To see how P&G performed in the Summer Games, read “Countdown to Sochi” and watch the top performing ads.


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