September 17th, 2013

The Watchlist is Out: Top Ads of Q3


Ace Metrix

The quarter is nearly over and that means the Watchlist of Most Effective ads for Q3 2013 is out. The third quarter is typically a bit lighter on volume (1,250 so far, versus the 1,400+ scored in Q2). This quarter included the Back to School season – which was also a bit down in volume compared to last year – and lower scoring overall than previous years. That said, we saw some stand out performances.

Alphabetically by title, our current top 25 list is as follows:

There are some common themes among these ads. Several brands took a leap from their regular creative concepts to try something outside of their common box. Others integrated new messages of inspiration, tributes and philanthropic offers to be heard with a different voice. Still others sat back and allowed their product or features to speak for itself. On October 3, once those last few ads to debut in September enter the Ace Metrix LIVE system, we’ll announce the winners – a tribute to the creative that outperformed its peers. Check back then to see the details behind the winning ads.

The creative quality of an ad is the strongest component of driving ROI. Exceptional creative is also relative to the category it competes within. There are inherent biases in many categories that result in lower scores on average. To produce an ad that stands apart from all others is the mark of great creative. Our Ad of the Quarter awards the advertisements to have earned the largest percentage gap from the categories’ 12-month norm.

Last quarter’s #1 ranked ad went to AT&T for “Whatever Proof”. With an Ace Score of 626, this ad scored 23.9% above the Telecom Services twelve-month category norm. Click here to read more on the Q2 Top Dog Winners.


A Bit About Methodology. At Ace Metrix, we score every ad that airs nationally on TV, every day – the exact same way. We have 500+ people watch the ad, alongside other ads and respond to a standardized set of questions for each. Each ad gets its own unique audience, balanced to the US census for age, gender and income, and we don’t allow the same person to take the survey more than once in a two-week period. More than 130,000 consumers have scored an ad for Ace Metrix in the past quarter alone.  The survey gathers pure responses to derive Persuasion component scores for Desire, Relevance, Information, Attention, Change, and Likeability – as well as the Watchability of the ad. A proprietary methodology for balancing those components results in an overall Ace Score. The Ace Score and all of the components are available for clients to see through our award winning platform and mobile applications, for their ads and their competitors.




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