Ace Metrix KIDS

Ace Metrix KIDS

Leverage a syndicated survey platform and competitive database for ads targeted to kids ages 6 – 15. See the scores, compare the results and read the verbatims as provided by the child in conjunction with the child’s caregiver.

Kids are People Too

Metrics of ad effectiveness are only useful if they have captured the responses of the intended target audience. Advertisers need more efficient and effective ways of understanding the impact of advertising on children and their parents.

Ace Metrix revolutionized the creative effectiveness industry with the introduction of both a method for systematically scoring every nationally breaking TV ad, as well as a mechanism for delivering results to advertisers within hours of an ad’s debut. This syndicated approach created competitive context, which allows advertisers to not only understand the performance of their ads, but also how those ads perform in the context of their industry or across television as a whole. While Ace Metrix LIVE™ captures surveys for the general population (census balanced for gender, income, and ages 16+, etc.), Ace Metrix KIDS™ allows advertisers to zero on a specified ages demographics and requirements according to the advertiser’s needs.

How It Works

Given the difficultly of reaching a broad audience of kids, Ace Metrix has employed the industry standard survey approach that asks the caregiver to bring the child in to take the survey with them.

All surveys contain three to four different ads targeted specifically for children. With more than 100 ads scored, Ace Metrix has a broad portfolio of work to demonstrate the validity of this approach and the sensitivity of different types of advertising on different age groups.

Our KIDS platform provide marketers with

  • Targeted Insights
  • Custom Questions
  • Speed
  • Competitive Context

Key Benefits

  • Comparability
  • Competitive Context
  • Usability