Introducing the only real method for measuring the effectiveness of campaign ads and advocacy commercials. We score every ad, as it breaks, delivering metrics to determine how an ad is connecting with viewers.

Blazing the Campaign Trails

Ace Metrix POLITICS™ expands our charter of scoring every national brand advertisement, to scoring political and issue ads. This platform is uniquely suited to the campaign and issue advocacy space empowering key decision-makers. POLITICS gathers and delivers analytics for each and every television ad with a political agenda and national implication, collecting approximately 10-20 ads per week across every category.

Timing is Everything

Scoring breaking ads within 48-hours of its initial air-date, gives our clients the timeliest and most comprehensive set of advertising performance measures available today. The political landscape is constantly shifting and Ace Metrix is committed to testing every political and issue/advocacy ad with national implications – regardless of where it aired. Ads are tested against a national sample for the sake of comparability, but can be targeted geographically for an additional charge.

Key Benefits

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