Ad of the Week: 2012

The 2012 list of highest scoring ads each week.

Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle of preparing, cooking and cleaning, Tide has captured viewers’ attention with its ad “Portable Stain Eraser” (Ace Score: 679). Demonstrating an easy to use and convenient way of removing stains, this short-but-sweet ad showcases a new product just in time for the busy holiday season. It scored more than 100 points over the Laundry category norm, and is one of the highest scoring ads we've seen all year. The component scores of Information, Desire, Relevance and Attention were all off the charts, making this a well-timed and important ad for viewers. Be on the look out for this ad and other high scoring ads as we announce the top Ads of the Year and Brands of the Year on January 4, 2013.

2012 AOTW Winner: Week 52

  • Ad of the Week: 2012
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    Ad Title Brand Category Air Date ACE Rank
    Play Ad Portable Stain Eraser Tide Household 12/23/12 679 4
    Play Ad Boy Makes His Day Epic Quaker Cereals Cereals 12/21/12 613
    Play Ad Christmas Memories Hallmark Other Stores 12/09/12 621
    Play Ad Introducing The Lincoln Motor Company Lincoln Motor Company Luxury Auto 12/03/12 645
    Play Ad 2 for $25 - 3 course Olive Garden Restaurants 11/26/12 668
    Play Ad Agents of Good Allstate Other Insurance 11/22/12 612
    Play Ad Love It But Don't Need It Sell It Online Stores 11/19/12 612
    Play Ad Thank You Ford Non-Luxury Auto 11/11/12 657
    Play Ad Feeding Our Heroes Outback Restaurants 11/07/12 672
    Play Ad Salute Applebee's Restaurants 10/29/12 660