September 30th, 2020

Ace Metrix Tests 100,000th Ad


Ace Metrix

Ace Metrix is excited to announce that we recently tested our 100,000th ad! While the milestone is a bright spot to celebrate, it’s also a reminder that a robust database provides brands and agencies with the data and insights they need to create highly effective, emotionally impactful, video ads.

So why do 100k ads matter? Brands can only know how good their own ads are when they know how good everyone else’s ads are. We’ve tested 100,000 ads from over 4,300 brands in 115 categories, putting Ace Metrix in a highly unique position to provide norms and insights on everything from Amazon to Zyrtec.

100k is a huge number, but when you look a little deeper, the numbers get enormous! Every ad is tested with a sample size of 500+ US consumers which adds up to over 50 million responses, 35 million verbatim comments, and 1.2 billion data points from our first 100,000 ads.  

We’ve harnessed the power of those 35 million verbatim responses from our open-ended question to fuel our Emotional Measures, including our Cultural Perception scores. Using machine learning and natural language processing we identified 57 emotions and reactions that respondents have to advertising. With such a large number of verbatims, we’re able to train the machines on language unique to advertising response, making it able to pinpoint even more nuance than an algorithm trained on something like Wikipedia.

Comprehensive, syndicated data also allows us to spot trends, and then verify if they’re real. Have you been feeling like the Super Bowl has been less funny the last few years? It’s true, and we have the data to prove it. Testing all nationally breaking ads can also provide an unparalleled look into events like COVID-19. While now we’re all old hats at quarantining in these “uncertain times,” everyone was looking for answers on what worked, what didn’t, and whether they should show masks. Ace Metrix was able to answer. 100k ads also can tell you how to promote Female Empowerment, or join the conversation on racism or simply how to have the best pizza ad (it’s all in the cheese pull!).

So, without further ado, our 100,000th ad:

Capitalizing on some of the new stay-at-home “hobbies” people have picked up, and with a distinct Snickers “not going anywhere for awhile?” feel, Southwest puts up a clever, high scoring spot for our 100,000th ad. 

The ad scored well above one-year Airline norms, grabbing Attention at a rate 16% higher than average, and a Likeability score 14% above norm to boot. More importantly, the ad drove a sense of Curiosity, with a very solid score, as viewers were eager to see where the homemade Rube Goldberg Machine ended. As one female summed up:

“I love the father and daughter working together to build this really cool thing. Then filming it and you think where is this going to end and what cool thing is going to happen. Never saw it being a giant fireball, Hilarious!”

That Curiosity combined with the powerful emotion that is humor led to Top-2 box purchase intent 6% above the strugglin’ Travel Industry norm.

Ace Metrix's 100,000th ad tested is Southwest's "Be Ready"

When we had only scored 30k ads, or 40k ads, could we have expected that things like home assistants and wearable tech would have come to dominate awards lists and top spending brands? No. But the beauty in scoring every ad is that we had the data already once we knew it was a trend. The next 100k are sure to be a trip ﹣we can’t wait!


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